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Welcome to Macrory Toygers homepage!

Macrory Cattery has been active since 2006 but with another breed. The main breed has been Scottish Fold with whom we are still working on an international level but in the year 2014 the Toyger breed got the attention of the cattery owner Karin. This exotic mini tiger was studied about a year to get to know the best cats, breeders and catteries. Our main concern is health - both mental and physical. We also had to find a good mentor and that is not an easy task. The first Toygers of Estonia arrived in summer 2016 and we are happy to start our work together with an outstanding cattery in Germany (photo on the right: Apollo, breeder/owner S. Fink).
Cattery owner Karin Roth and her husband Norman Roth have been active in the feline world for a long time. In 2010 they created Estonian Cat Association ESTICAT which is the TICA club in Estonia. The Toygers are also a Championship breed of TICA. Together with our friend club FinTICAt in Finland they have organized several international cat shows.
Macrory Cattery has signed the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program. They have the title of Estonian Best Cattery 2013 and have a TICA Outstanding Cattery status which is only given to catteries with excellent veterinary and animal wellness requirements.

Karin is currently ending her Veterinary Medicine studies in Estonian University of Life Sciences. She has also finished her studies in Finance but that was not enough. She wanted to dedicate fully to animals. She has also finished courses and taken exams in felinology in Russia and has been certified over 10 years.
Norman has almost finished his studies in Law. Also in Real Estate Management and is currently in charge of family business which deals with rosette design and manufacturing. Together they have many hobbies. The one more important family member is Continental Toy Spaniel Phalene named Octavia who is socializing the kittens. Karin and Norman have been active in the dog world as well. Both are working for the Estonian Kennel Union as show stewards. Karin has done some agility and obedience and she has also taken many courses in dog training. They used to breed Phalenes with some puppies coming World Winners. They live across the World. You can meet their Scottish Folds HERE.
Our kittens will be socialized, two times vaccinated, dewormed, altered, registered with TICA, have European Union passports and microchips before leaving for new home.
The families where our babies go to, will be picked carefully because breeding cats is our pure joy and passion! 
Breeders of Toygers are for sure interested in the conservation of tigers and these little copy-pastes are a tribute to their wild amazing relatives in the jungle. Karin and Norman are both born in the year of tiger and care for their well-being so a part of the money earned from the sell of Toygers goes to the tigers kept in captivity.